MAY 27th 2015

Video: Ken Block's Gymkhana Three ‑ Hooning in France

Ken Block is coming to the Festival of Speed, in case you hadn’t heard. So every week until he arrives GRR will be sharing one of his incredible Gymkhana videos.

Ken Block FoS Promo

Today’s video, the third in the series, is the first in which the ‘Hoonigan’ teamed up with Ford whose new-for-2016 Focus RS he will be driving at FoS. L’Autodrome de Linas, in Monthery, France, just south of Paris, is his playground for just over seven minutes of tyre-shredding hoonary.

According to the man himself the location was chosen not only because it’s an open playground with all manner of obstacles to drift around, but also because of the ‘unique’ challenge he felt the banking created. Not just any banking mind, this is 51 degrees of steep concrete, meaning filming really was a journey into the unknown for the team.

So sit-back, grab a cup of tea (or maybe a can of Monster), and prepare to have your senses shredded. Or should that be hooned?

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