JUN 18th 2015

Aston Martin goes big at FoS!

Vantage GT3 Geneva170615

Aston Martin is one of the many famous marques without which the Festival of Speed just wouldn’t be the same, but this year it is putting in an extra-special effort which will see the biggest presence to date of David Brown’s legacy.


Taking pride of place at the top of the bill are the race-inspired Vantage GT12 and the luxurious Lagonda Taraf – both of which will be making UK debuts. These will be ably supported by the V12 Vantage S Roadster, the Rapide S four-door sports car, its CC100 concept car from 2013 and of course the sensational Vantage GTE ‘Art Car’ which showed such strong pace at Le Mans last weekend.

Aston Martin CEO Dr Andy Palmer says: ‘I’m very much looking forward to seeing the reaction to our 2015 Festival of Speed presence from the knowledgeable and enthusiastic Goodwood crowds… I believe we’ve put together a hugely compelling line-up including some surprises that should keep fans of our brand, and of luxury sports cars in general, entertained and engaged throughout the event.’ Having heard the wail of the Vantage GT12 which Dr Palmer will drive up the hill, we’d opine that ‘entertained and engaged’ is something of an understatement.


The GT12 was launched at Geneva this year, although such was the anticipation of this super-hot Aston Martin that each of the 100 examples to be made were already sold by the time the show started! The racing Vantage GT3 was the inspiration and the racing origins mean that the GT12 is a full 120kg lighter than the already-rapid Vantage S. The re-engineering has been complimented by a restyling exercise, leaving the GT12 sitting lower and wider than any of its close relatives. We’re very keen to get a closer inspection of this car, as we are it’s fellow debutante …

For a while it was unclear as to whether Aston Martin was going to make its Lagonda Taraf (pictured above) available outside of the Middle East market for which it was solely originally intended. Ultimately, demand for the distinctive, carbon-fibre bodied saloon has lead to the car’s global dynamic debut being made at FoS. As the first Lagonda of its type since the William Towns-designed Lagonda of 1976, we expect there to be quite a bit of activity surrounding this enigmatic super high-performance saloon.

In fact, we really could do with a drive of one. I wonder, if we asked really, really nicely …

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