JUN 26th 2015

Cars that rock FoS 2015: Citroën DS 19 Le Paris

Henri Chapron may have started out coachbuilding 1920s cars from the likes of Delahaye, Talbot and Delage, but it’s the special Citroën DS conversions – 389 of them in total – for which he will be best remembered. His first DS conversion, in 1958, was the Croisette Cabriolet.


It was notable for its use of the DS Berline’s rear wings, with the chrome strip on their tops. More chrome was used to hide the gap where the rearmost shutlines for the back doors would have been on a regular DS. For Chapron’s early conversions, there was no official support from Citroën, meaning that he had to buy complete cars to modify.


Following hot on the heels of the Croisette was the Le Paris coupé, like the one seen here on the Cartier Style et Luxe lawn. It used the two-door body of its convertible stablemate but added a distinctive roof that gave it quite a different look to the standard factory cars.

Only nine Le Paris coupés were built, and it’s believed that three survive and this one is in highly original condition.


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