JUN 28th 2015

FoS Gallery: A Tour of the F1 paddock

Don’t come to the Festival of Speed’s F1 paddock expecting to see only Formula One cars. They may be the headline act, but there’s plenty more to see: touring cars, NASCAR, drifters, Le Mans racers, sixty years worth of Alpines, rally cars and more… you could easily while away a good few hours before you even get round to motorsport’s premier formula. And when you do? Contemporary teams include McLaren, Ferrari, Williams, Red Bull and Mercedes-Benz. Beyond that, there’s plenty of historical F1 cars, too – with the following categories all represented: ‘The Cosworth years’, ‘The turbo era and beyond’ and ‘Fearless but flat broke’.

We’ve captured it all in this great gallery.

f1-paddock-goodwoodPhotography by Tom Shaxson

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