JUN 28th 2015


The supercar has never been in better shape. For evidence? The Michelin Supercar Paddock at this year’s FoS. 


Surely there’s never been a concentration of supercars like this before. Certainly the location in the spacious Cathedral Paddock is new for 2015 – and judging by comments, a very popular change. But it’s the cars wot wun it and this year there was an overdose of spectacular metal… 

With power outputs up to 1500bhp, carbon-fibre by the bucketload and splitters, winglets and spoilers by the score, it was a supercar selection to die for. All the big names were there, lots of smaller ones too, and between them they showed us some familiar faces and plenty of new models never seen before at Goodwood (or even in the UK). 

There were more hybrids than ever (Porsche 918 Spyder and co) and  also more track-only supercars: take a bow Aston Martin Vulcan and the whole range of Ferrari’s FXX line-up from Enzo to LaFerrari. 

Plenty of insights (and jokes) from supercar insiders (like Ben Collins, among many others) on the Michelin stand added a fun side to what was a truly super celebration of the world’s greatest road cars.

Tom’s pictures show some of the action – chances are you’ll have plenty of your own shots too!

Photography by Tom Shaxson

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