JUN 27th 2015

Klaus Wagger Signed Prints Selling Like Hot Cakes

The Festival of Speed poster 2015 – the very first by the motorsport artist Klaus Wagger – is proving a big hit with festival goers (of all ages, judging by our picture above – ed).


The artwork epitomises this year’s FoS theme of ‘Flat-Out and Fearless – racing on the edge’ by portraying  a very sideways Gilles Villeneuve in the Ferrari 312 at the first right-hander on the hillclimb.

‘I have been busy signing prints since the moment I arrived,’ Klaus tells GRR. When we called in to see him on Saturday he was up to print number 395. The FoS 2015 teeshirts bearing the same image were proving equally popular.

Klaus is signing prints in the Goodwood Shop between 11-12am and 3-4pm every day. The prints cost £24 each and there is no extra charge for signing.

You can read more about the painting (now in the Goodwood FoS collection) and Klaus Wagger here.

Photography by Tom Shaxson

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