JUN 22nd 2015

Lorina McLaughlin gives the 'Flat Broke' Osella F1 car a shot at FoS

The Festival of Speed’s most successful Lady’s Award winner (seven times) and one of only five ladies to have full race membership of the British Racing Drivers’ Club – there is absolutely no doubting Lorina McLaughlin’s credentials when it comes to pedalling fast cars. At the wheel of her ex-Michael Schumacher Benetton (pictured), she’s often to be found competing against professional racing drivers in the Festival of Speed’s Sunday shootout.

This year she will taking it slightly more steadily in her friend Terry Sayles’ Osella FA1-D Formula One car. ‘I’m not expecting to retain the Ladies ‘Speed’ Award again, as I never ‘push it’ when I’m guest driving a friend’s F1 or supercar,’ says Lorina, ‘but I am excited to be driving the Osella for the first time on Friday. And although my Benetton was not eligible for a competition category this year, I am thrilled it is the star attraction in the new Goodwood VIP Hospitality GP Club!’


Despite not being used in anger at FoS this year, the Benetton has had a busy 2015 season, as Lorina explains: ‘Last month was very special as I returned to race my Benetton around the street circuit at Arhuus in Denmark and then six days later I was racing the Benetton along the cliff top course at the Bournemouth Wheels Festival in front of  200,000 strong crowds!’

But Goodwood is where Lorina’s heart is: ‘Nothing compares to driving at the Festival of Speed. It is my absolute favourite event in the world. Goodwood has everything: a garden-party atmosphere, the most fabulous collection of rare cars and motorbikes to be seen anywhere and so many stars and legends to meet, you’re really spoilt for choice.’

You’ll be able to see Lorina driving the Osella in the Flat Broke but Fearless category. It celebrates those small F1 teams that had the courage, if not the wherewithal, to take on the big teams. In 1983, even Piercarlo Ghinzani could not qualify the under-powered Osella FA1-D 03 for a Grand Prix.

Look out for the Kelémata-livered car on the hill.

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