JUN 28th 2015

Peter Mullin on sharing his favourite French curves

A Figoni et Falaschi feast of French fancies was proving a formidable favourite with FoS goers on Sunday.


‘It’s very rewarding to see so many people enjoying the cars,’ Peter Mullin told GRR when we caught up with him on the Cartier Style et Luxe lawn – just as the concours judges were touring the exhibits. ‘I don’t collect cars – I share them.’

Peter, he of the remarkable Peter Mullin Automotive Museum in California, has been to FoS  six times now, but never before with five cars. The Voisin, two Delahayes, a Bugatti and Talbot-Lago aren’t just standard-bearers for Peter’s passion for French cars of the 1920s and ’30s, but rare and exotic examples of the work of French carrosserie Figoni et Falaschi.


GRR has already spoken to Peter about the cars and his museum so it was great to catch up with him on the Cartier lawn.

‘It is wonderful to see the Figoni cars here at Goodwood,’ he says. ‘Of course I am totally biased, but it is interesting to see how many people share my reaction to the cars. It’s almost visceral.’

And his favourite? ‘The Talbot-Lago Teardrop. The lines of this car and the organic nature of its shape make it for me the best piece of automotive scultpure ever.’

And is Peter Mullin hopeful of a prize? ‘I think I might get at least a last in class.’

Peter’s cars are, of course, in a class of their own…

The concours results will be annnouced later on Sunday.


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