JUN 03rd 2015

Video: BJ Baldwin celebrates coming to FoS in style

Las Vegas, Nevada may be a long way from Goodwood, West, Sussex, but when GRR learned that Ballistic BJ Baldwin – star of the infamous Recoil videos –  had been invited to the Festival of Speed we felt as though we should get over there to find out more about the man, prepare him for what’s in store at FoS and also to help him celebrate. We achieved all three of these objectives, especially the last one …

BJ Baldwin FoS Mad Mike Promo

On the slim chance that the name doesn’t ring a bell, take a look at this and then this. Those two epic, viral videos were shot with the help of Monster Energy who are bringing Mr Baldwin’s fellow countryman Ken Block to the Festival of Speed. So, if it’s fast, loud and smokey action you’re after then you’ll be in the right place.

BJ and his crew welcomed us to their Baldwin Motorsports HQ, a mere stone’s throw from the Las Vegas strip, took us for lunch and then we settled down to the business of finding out more about the world of Trophy Trucks before asking if we could perhaps go for a ‘spin’ in the very machine he’s bringing to the Festival. This also the same truck which starred in his Recoil videos and with which he’s done quite a bit of winning, as his silverware haul testifies.

We don’t want to spoil the surprise of what happened after we’d toured the workshop and found out the difference between a Trophy Truck and a Stadium Truck amongst other things, but suffice to say that if this is a taster of what we can expect at Goodwood in just a few weeks then we’re in for a superb show. I wonder how many sets of tyres he’ll get through …

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