JUN 19th 2015

Video: Flat‑Out and Fearless ‑ Rossi and Lorenzo, Barcelona 09

Well here it is folks, the final video we’re sharing in celebration of the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed theme of Flat-Out and Fearless: Racing on the Edge‘. 

Rossi Lorenzo Flat out Promo

Deciding with which clip to bow out has been a tough process, but we’re going to go with the man who’s making his FoS debut at long last next week. The man widely considered to be the finest Grand Prix motorcycle racer there’s ever been. The Doctor. Valentino Rossi

The 2009 Catalan Motorcycle Grand Prix was simply epic from lights to flag, and here we have the whole thing condensed down to a six minute clip including what the likes of Bradley Smith and Randy Mamola made of the epoch-making occasion.

Going into the event Rossi’s team mate Jorge Lorenzo had been blossoming as a Moto GP rider and was leading the points standings. In the race he had an answer for everything Rossi threw at him, except for what Rossi had in store for the final corner …

The pair had been swapping places regularly and continued to do so on the final lap with the crowd in raptures, but going into the final corner on the final lap it was Lorenzo with the advantage. Game over. Overtaking there simply doesn’t happen. Sure, you could launch the bike up the inside way before the apex and get in front, but having done so you would likely run wide and be ‘undercut’ by the rider you’ve just passed who would then beat you to the line.

What Rossi managed to do was stuff the bike down the inside of Lorenzo, but then somehow generate grip as the bike reaches the inside of the turn and hold a tight line. You might call it a ‘block pass’ in that, once ahead, there was nowhere for Lorenzo to go, despite him being set up for a much faster exit speed. Rossi held on for the win and went on to clinch his ninth World Championship. Nobody in MotoGP has even dared to try and pass at the same corner since.

So enjoy this final Flat-Out and Fearless… clip. Actually, it might not be the last for now. Once the Festival of Speed is behind us for another year we’re going to be asking our readers for a bit of help with something …

Stay tuned!

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