JUN 11th 2015

Video: GRR drives Iconic FoS‑bound 'Martini' Porsche Carrera

This years FoS, which kicks-off two weeks from today will see the return of a rallying legend in the form of the most rallied Porsche ever. What’s more, it carries the timeless Martini livery and was driven by none other than the great Bjorn Waldegaard.

Owner David Cavanagh reckons that this car has done 75,000+ kilometres of competitive rallying, mainly off road … As you can imagine, he has a fair few yarns to spin about his famous 911, including taking the car on the London to Sydney rally for the second time in its life in 2004 (where it won its class) and driving with Bjorn Waldegaard in the car on the East African Rally where the late, great Swede ended up having to drive backwards for four kilometres just to make it back to parc fermé!

There is more, including the opportunity for us to drive the car around the top-secret Goodwood Road & Racing rally stage, so we’ll stop there and let you enjoy the film.

Best of all perhaps, is that David and the Porsche have been invited back to FoS where you’ll be able to take-in this incredible Porsche and all its fascinating patina, which we no-doubt added to when we drove the car in something resembling its natural habitat!

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