JUN 25th 2015

Video: Jordan Cane shows us how it's done ...

The scorching hot morning sun at the Festival of Speed could not be a greater contrast to the icy chill we experienced at Goodwood House back in January where we first met Jordan Cane. He’s seen little though of any inclement British weather this year though because he’s been racing in the States, as he told us six months ago. The thing is, Jordan is just 14 years old.


Luckily for us though he’s managed to prise open a Festival of Speed-sized gap in his schedule, so we decided to point a camera at him to see if he handles that as well as he’s handling racing on the other side of the Atlantic. We think he’s done well, although he’s even better at piloting the race simulator he kindly allowed us to try. Can you believe he has this thing hooked up in his shed at home? If we had one of these when we were fourteen we’d never have left the house again.

Jordan Cane

If you’re heading down to FoS, drop by the Jordan Cane Racing stand in the infield area and the man himself will actually give you tuition! Mind you, despite having  a future World Champion standing behind us giving instructions, it was all we could do to keep the F3 car on the road and after two laps our hands and wrists were aching. Reckon you could do better? Feel free to pop along and try for yourself!  

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