JUN 02nd 2015

Video: Mad Mike is back ... with his RADBULL MX5!

There really isn’t a great deal to say about this one! Anyone who saw Mad Mike Whiddett at last year’s Festival of Speed knows full-well what the man is capable of. But on the off-chance that you missed it, here’s his debut at last year’s FoS …

Promo Mad Mike

In a little over three weeks he’ll return to our little Sussex hillclimb course, again determined to keep all four wheels pointing in the same direction for as little time as possible. He’ll be bringing with him the Mazda RX7 FD which so amazed everyone last year and it’s good to see that he’s been keeping his hand in with his new Mazda MX5 ‘RADBUL’ drift car.

This wild video shows him competing in round two of the US Formula Drift series at Road Atlanta – the first time in five years he’s competed in the event. The MX5 has been built by Mad Mike’s team from the ground-up and features all the usual ‘drift modifications’ (lowered, re-worked suspension, greater steering lock etc…) including Mad Mike’s favourite motor – the famous Mazda rotary – of which there will be many iterations at this year’s FoS.

So take a wild ride with one of the planet’s finest drifters as he wows the crowd in Atlanta. Mr Whiddett, sir, we’ll see you in just a few weeks!

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