JUN 11th 2015

Video: Watch James Hillier hit 206mph... on the roads!

Isle of Man TT star James Hillier will be just one of a galaxy of motorbike racing superstars to make an appearance at the Festival of Speed.

The fearsome Kawasaski ZX-10 R he’s bringing with him would normally be considered as one of the fastest machines on road or track; you’d need a very fast car to even keep it in sight in an acceleration fight. A very, very fast car …

However, it’s unlikely that even the world’s fastest cars could reach 206mph on the famous Sulby Straight on the TT course. Come to think of it the very fastest TT bikes can’t manage that! No, the machine we see here going more than three times the motorway speed limit is a Kawasaki Ninja H2R, which is a road bike with …wait for it… 300bhp.

World Superbike star Jonathan Rea will be riding this insane contraption at the Festival of Speed, although we have to admit that he’s unlikely to make anything like 206mph.  

In between sessions on the Isle of Man TT course, Hillier was afforded the privilege of going for a wee trundle around the legendary Mountain Course, and on the longest straight on the course he hit 206mph. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the speedo …



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