JUN 18th 2015

Welcome to FoS Air in association with Shell 2015!


At Goodwood we like to stretch the boundaries sometimes of what conventional wisdom may consider to be impossible… or at the very least highly unlikely to achieve. To this end, the self-evident lack of a runway at Goodwood House has not stopped us from holding our own Aviation Exhibition at the Festival of Speed. In fact, far from being just a fine exhibition of contemporary and classic flying machines, at last year’s FoS no fewer than seven Bell 505 helicopters were sold on-event as well as a handful of planes.


Never content with sitting on our laurels though, this year things are getting cranked up a bit. FoS Air in association with Shell will see Goodwood host its largest-ever selection of contemporary aircraft. Located next to the Moving Motor Show, FoS-goers will be able to take-in the very finest in private aviation from the world’s most renowned manufacturers like Cessna, Beechcraft and Bell, presented by Textron Aviation, as well as take to the sky themselves with Goodwood-Based Ultimate High. King Air, Daher Socata and Orians Aviation will also be in attendance.

Just as fascinating as the manufacturers and their aircraft will be representatives of the support industry, like renowned engineering firm Nicholson McLaren, Ventana and equipment manufacturer Red Box. Also popular with show-goers is Intrepid Design, who turn aircraft parts into stunning furniture.

So don’t forget to visit FoS Air in association with Shell if you need brief respite from all the noise and colour going up the hill. Oh and, without asking anyone, see if you can figure out how we get all the planes in there!

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