JUL 07th 2015

Festival of Speed Snapper's Selection ‑ Adam Beresford

In the weeks following an incredible Festival of Speed GRR will be sharing photos taken by the amazing photographers who worked for us during the Festival. We’ve asked them each to pick 24 of their favourite or best shots from the weekend and write a little about their experience of shooting at the world’s largest motoring garden party. First up is Adam Beresford:

‘I have been lucky enough to work and photograph at the Goodwood Festival of Speed for a number of years. It is such a large and amazing event that it’s hard to try and photograph all of it, as much as I want to! There is always so much happening in every corner of the event.

Festival of Speed Snapper's Selection Adam Beresford Promo

‘Trying to capture a perfect photo at an event like this can be hard as things are always changing and can easily catch you out. You can try and plan the perfect photo, something like an F1 car speeding up the hill in front of the house, however, the batch may be delayed, the car could break down or just as you take the photo the clouds can roll in.  

‘I found this year some of my best photos came from being in the right place at the right time. I love the photo of the Fiat S76 I took with the flames shooting out the side of the car, it sounded amazing and I’ve never seen anything drive along while firing two-foot flames from the side. You can see the crowd in the background and this sums up the Festival of Speed in my opinion, it shows how close you can get to these amazing cars.

‘Being a certified petrolhead and photographer this has to be one of the best events in the world to photograph. I’m not sure sometimes whether it’s classed as work or pleasure. Either way I hope you enjoy my favourite photos from this year’s event.’

Photography by Adam Beresford

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