JUL 08th 2015

FoS Behind The Scenes: Lord March and Ken Block take tea and doughnuts

It’s the eternal question that you’ve always wanted an answer to but have been to afraid to ask: How does a Hoonigan take his tea? With Lord March in Goodwood’s finest china of course.

Lord March Ken Block Promo

The latest in our series of ‘Behind the Scenes’ videos sees Lord March relaxing with Ken Block over a brew and discussing the state of the Festival of Speed‘s famous hillclimb.

Filmed just before they bumped into Kimi Raikkonen in our first behind the scenes clip, which you can see here, there’s even a cheeky request from Ken to see if he can be moved to a better place on the running order.

We’ll never know if Lord March’s tips helped Ken perfect his doughnuts as he showed off to the FoS crowds, but we do know that over a million of you have seen the extraordinary performance, so maybe there was just a little helping hand.

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