JUL 14th 2015

FoS Snapper's Selection: Jochen Van Cauwenberge

This was my 5th Festival of Speed and it was my favourite one so far. Trying to sum up why and genuinely not knowing where to start only confirms it.

FoS snapper's selection Kerry Earnhardt promo

Every time I cover this event I get to dig a little deeper into its essence, and I have come to understand it’s all about sharing joy, between the fans, drivers, riders and teams.

Once you understand this you know what to look for, and covering the event more than ever becomes an overwhelming succession of highlights.

To top it all off Rossi joined the party on Sunday, it was no surprise to see The Doctor and FoS are a perfect match.

I hope you enjoy these images a much as I enjoyed making them!

Photography by Jochen Van Cauwenberg/Frozenspeed

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