JUL 16th 2015

Video: Emanuele Pirro chats F1 and drives the Porsche 908/3 at FoS

‘I can only wonder how cool it must have been to drive this car around the Targa Florio roads – a unique experience,’ Emanuele Pirro told GRR when we had a chat with the affable Roman at FoS this year.

Porsche 908/3 Allan McNish promo

The car? The one he was driving up the hill this year, the ex Brian Redman, Targa-winning Porsche 908/3.

The 908 was conceived as a lightweight and compact sister to the mighty 917 specially for tight and twisty courses like the Targa. Despite its dinky size there is an air-cooled flat-eight in there with around 350hp – plenty, in a car weighing just 500kg. Did the 908 impress Emanuele?

He tells us in our video interview it’s a ‘beautiful engine’ and that the performance is ‘honest and progressive’ but that the car’s diminutive size didn’t fill him full of confidence on the driver safety front.

Better watch out for the haybales at Molecomb then Emanuele! Of course no such problems for the former F1 driver and five times Le Mans winner.

What else did we chat about? FoS vs Revival. Lusting after a drive in a 1970s F1 car. Le Mans with Audi. Porsche’s famous victory this year. Racing a hybrid (no thanks). Oh, and Formula 1, on which note he tells us:

‘I do feel sorry for them, but that’s the good thing about racing. If it was easy everybody would do it…’

Who could he be talking about?

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