JUL 08th 2015

Video: Kerry Earnhardt dishing out serious tyre punishment at FoS!

GRR had the privilege at the Festival of Speed of catching up with Kerry Earnhardt to discuss FoS and the legendary number three Richard Childress Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo made so famous by his late father, the great Dale Earnhardt.

Earnhadt video promo

We mentioned at the time that Kerry seemed typical of American racers who visit our sceptred isle: friendly, funny, mild mannered, generous with their time and infinitely approachable. Not perhaps the kind of person you’d necessarily expect to take a race-winning ex-Dale Earnhardt car out on to the hillclimb course and administer such remorseless and brutal punishment to an innocent rear pair of Goodyear Eagle slicks. But punish them he most certainly did.

On the final run up the hill at FoS 2015, Kerry Earnhardt celebrated his fourth visit here with an extra special burnout-heavy run. In fact, we had an inkling that the man from Kannapolis, North Carolina was going to treat us to a bit of a spectacle and so we carefully positioned a camera right behind the left rear wheel of the Monte Carlo so as to give you a close up view of the intense and merciless trauma metered out to the Chevy‘s hoops.

So if high-winding V8s and acute, wanton mistreatment of tyres is your thing (of course it is, right?), turn up the speakers and get a load of this. The camera we used still has the reek of acrid tyre smoke to it ten days later!

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