JUL 03rd 2015

Video: Mad Mike's FoS Hillclimb run, onboard!

When the Festival of Speed was introduced to the remarkable ‘Mad Mike’ Whiddett and his screaming Mazda RX7 ‘Madbull’ last year, little surprise was exclaimed when the cheerful and talented Kiwi was invited by Lord March to return for this year’s event. What we didn’t expect though was for him to put on an even more extreme display of tyre-shredding most of the way up the hill.

Mad Mike FoS on board promo

As he explained to us when GRR met him recently at the Goodwood circuit for a bit of a pre-FoS shakedown (and some grade-A hoonage around the hallowed blacktop), he had very little chance to recce the course ahead of last year’s event. In fact, the Madbul RX7 hadn’t so much has planted one tyre on the hillclimb course prior to Mad Mike’s first ever public run!

As such we were looking forward to seeing what the drift king had in store for us at this year’s event and it’s safe to say that he didn’t disappoint. After a couple of runs it was clear that he’d cranked things up a couple of notches so we asked if we could fit a camera in such a way as to give an impression of the physical job he has to do to get up the hill in such crowd-pleasing fashion. We think you’ll agree that this is a good one – made even better by his bonus antics at the top of the hill with fellow drift-merchant Buttsy Butler.

So do your belt up tight and hang on. This is epic stuff …

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