JUL 02nd 2015

Video: On board Gobstopper II for its winning FoS run!

As the first-ever Time Attack car to come to the Festival of Speed, it’s safe to say that Olly Clark’s 900bhp ‘Gobstopper II’ Subaru Impreza made something of an impression. 

Looking at the car in the paddock it seemed like a handy piece of kit, but out on the hillclimb course is where it showed its true colours: the car was utterly glued to the road and very, very fast indeed. Built for Pro Class Time Attack competition, the car’s bodyshell is the last-ever to have been produced by Prodrive, who know a thing or two about fast Imprezas …

Driver Olly Clark’s father was the late, great Roger Clark. Clark senior began working with Subarus in the early nineties and his sons Olly and Matt have carried on working with the famous Japanese marque to produce Gobstopper II, albeit without official manufacturer involvement.

We’re going to be taking a closer look at Gobstopper II and Roger Clark Motorsport (who built it) in the very near future so we’ll save the rest of the story for now. Instead, buckle up and get ready to cover the Goodwood Festival of Speed hillclimb course in under 45 seconds.

Oh and by the way there’s no speedometer in the car, but just how fast was this thing going when it crossed the line?!

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