JUL 01st 2015

Video: On board the Fiat S76 at the Festival of Speed

‘The on-board to beat all on-boards’ said Toby Moody about this footage of the incredible Fiat S76. The scuttle-mounted camera was positioned just out of the way of the flames spitting from the open headers – which, fortunately, are high enough to clear the straw bales that line the 1.16-mile course. 


It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for since the S76 appeared at FoS last year (but didn’t run) – especially as we were lucky enough to see it on the hill prior to the event.

Owner Duncan Pittaway is quickly becoming a FoS favourite – and it’s easy to see why in this video. Having restored the S76 over the last twelve years, he’s now not afraid to drive it quickly. His hillclimb fully encapsulates the spirit of this car, which, let’s not forget, recorded the fastest flying mile in 1911. It’s just as spectacular today.

We’ve said much about the S76 before. Here it is in action at FoS.

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