JUL 07th 2015

Video: Ride on board with Valentino Rossi at FoS

Could there have been a more triumphant debut than Valentino Rossi‘s first appearance at the Festival of Speed? The nine-time world champion left FoS with an even bigger army of fans than that he arrived with after putting on a brilliant display for the thousands lucky enough to be hillside on Sunday.

Valentino Rossi FoS Mad Mike promo

This video, put together by Yamaha, allows us to ride on board with the man recognised as the greatest motorcycle racer of all time as he took to the 1.16-miles of Goodwood tarmac.

Stick around to the end of the clip and you’re in for a treat, we continue to ride with Valentino as he exits the hillclimb and rides right the way into Goodwood House through the front door to meet the waiting Lord March.

We’ll have more videos to share with you of Valentino Rossi‘s incredible day at Goodwood in the coming weeks: including trips in iconic Le Mans racers and what happened after he rode through the doors of the house. Stay tuned for more.

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