AUG 28th 2015

Goodwood Greats: BJ Baldwin's Chevy Trophy Truck

So which car and/or driver made the biggest impact at FoS this year for you? It’s hard to know where to even start. How can we forget Duncan Pittaway’s Fiat S76, Valentino Rossi’s grand entrance, Ken Block’s skills in the Hoonicorn and ‘The King’ Richard Petty treating us to the sight of him in his immortal 1970 Plymouth Superbird? Certainly, whichever did it most for you there was simply no denying that BJ Baldwin and his Chevy Trophy Truck were stout contenders.

Rosberg_FoS_promo_hill_14082015 BJ Baldwin

When GRR visited Baldwin Motorsport’s headquarters in Las Vegas, we left with the very clear impression that the man was going to be a hit. Despite already being an internet sensation through the Recoil videos, there’s no doubt that he added to his fans just about anyone who saw his antics in his giant off-road machine at FoS (and you can catch everything on our YouTube channel). On the off-chance that the spectacle has slipped from your minds, why not remind yourselves by clicking here

BJ Baldwin Trophy Truck

Even before we’d met BJ and his crew in Las Vegas we were determined that, once at Goodwood, his Trophy Truck would be added to our list of Goodwood Greats. Sure, a vehicle built to race off-road at up to 145mph and with an easy 750bhp and 30 inches of suspension travel might not have what you might call subtle charm, but when you’re stood in the presence of the enormous machine you can’t help but feel compelled to spend time gazing at it and taking in the sheer scale of the engineering. Not to mention the fact that in order to win Trophy Truck race (which Mr Baldwin has done many, many times) you need to be strapped into one of these things, jumping and crashing over some vicious terrain and at very high speed for anything from five to 20 hours …

At FoS the truck was one of only three vehicles to appear on the hillclimb course, the rally stage and the off-road activities field. Actually, the word ‘appear’ seems a bit tame. How about it absolutely tore each to shreds? Wherever he and the truck went they made an indelible impression on the event and if it were up to us we’d make BJ Baldwin a permanent feature. Whether we see him back or not remains to be seen, so for now we’ll have to make do with the video footage we have and this superb set of intimate Goodwood Greats shots. 

Photography: Antony Fraser

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