AUG 06th 2015

Video: The FoS Cartier Lawn up‑close

The Cartier Concours d’Elegance at the Festival of Speed is consistently one of the finest concours events on the calendar. Standing alongside the likes of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California and Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este in Italy, the Cartier Lawn at the Festival of Speed is somewhere even the most ardent and committed car lover will sometimes see machinery they’ve either only seen on the pages of a book, or perhaps never even heard of at all.


This year’s selection was no exception, with an especially diverse gathering of machinery with 200mph-capable Eighties supercars, the wild Ferrari 330GT Shooting Brake, gorgeous Alfa Romeo 8C 2300MM and Ian Callum’s CMC Mk2 Jaguar all sharing space with a variety of Citroen DSs, the jaw-dropping Delahaye 135M and even a Vindec Special sidecar outfit with a Wicker bath chair.

Luckily, GRR managed to grab the attention of Gary Axon who works with Goodwood’s Competitions Department as a motoring consultant and asked him to take us through this year’s Cartier lawn occupants. Credit is due by the way to Gary for correctly picking out the eventual winner – the 1937 Delahaye 135M with bodywork by Figoni et Falaschi. Oh and no, he wasn’t one of the judges!

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