SEP 04th 2015

Video: Flat‑Out and Fearless ‑ BTCC at Oulton Park, 1994

It’s easy to forget sometimes just how spoiled we are in Britain when it comes to motor racing circuits. If you live somewhere towards the centre of the country then most are just a few hours away. If you lived on the West coast of the United States (for example) and had a race meeting to attend on the East coast then you’re in for a journey something in the region of 2,500 miles long. For the sake of comparison, Moscow is only 1,800 miles away from London …


Not only does our sceptred isle have a very dense population of circuits then, but almost all are superb: Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Knockhill, Cadwell Park and of course Goodwood … The list goes on. A swift poll of the GRR office as to which each of us thinks of as our favourite (outside of Gooders, of course!) revealed, surprisingly perhaps, a unanimous answer: Oulton Park.

Although it’s been many years now since this fast, undulating jewel of the North West hosted top international motorsport events, it remains a favourite for spectators, drivers and riders alike. For a while now the biggest draw at Oulton is when the BTCC circus comes to town and of the many epic tin top battles to have taken place there we’ve decided to share footage from one of the two 1994 events as today’s celebration of this year’s Festival of Speed theme.

This of course was the period when Murray Walker was doubling up BTCC commentary with his F1 duties, the driver line up was first class and the cars contrasted nicely: Rear wheel drive BMWs raced with front wheel drive V6 Mondeos and four cylinder, front wheel drive Alfa Romeos, Renaults, Peugeots, Vauxhalls and Toyotas. And although the Alfa Romeo 155 ultimately proved to be the car to have, there was plenty of competition at the sharp end of the field, as this clip proves. In fact, going into this race the top six drivers in the standings were all in different cars.


But above all that, this footage shows just how competitive the series was, despite there being so many different manufacturers and privateers involved. Sadly we’ve not been able to get our hands on the full race, but on the plus side there are nine minutes of Grade A action to marvel at. Oh and before we sign off, see how many drivers you can count who are racing at the Revival this month! We’ll get you started with Chris Goodwin and Tiff Needell, although there are several more …

The question is, how will the Revival’s St Mary’s Trophy compare to the best the BTCC has to offer from Oulton Park? 

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