JAN 08th 2016

Video: ‘Full Throttle’ – Group B’s new home: Rallycross!

It’s 1987 and the mighty Group B rallycars had been kicked out of the World Rally Championship. They needed a new home, somewhere they could show off their turbo-wooshing, flame-spitting, four-wheel-drive magnificence once more.

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Enter the cut-and-thrust of rallycross: short and spectacular sprints on a mix of asphalt and gravel, in which super-quick Swedes, Finns and Norwegians with unpronounceable names were joined by a roster of home-grown experts. It was an arena in which some of rallying’s infamous machines had already made a home, but for 1987, others joined in to make it truly spectacular.

One of the discipline’s best events was the annual, end-of-season British Rallycross Grand Prix, which had run at Brands Hatch since 1982.

British Rallycross Brands Hatch 1987

The November event around a specially designed course using part of the Brands Indy circuit, was a big deal for rallycross and for British motorsport fans, thanks to its TV slot and the pants-on-fire commentary of Murray Walker.

Enjoy the B-final, in which Tyrrell F1 racer Jonathan Palmer stars to make it through to the grand final, followed by the big one: the A-final, featuring Peugeot 205 T16s, MG Metro 6R4s and Ford RS200s. Who will become the fifth winner of the British Rallycross GP, to join a roll of honour comprising Rolf Nilsson’s Porsche 911, Ole Arnesson’s Audi Quattro, the Ford Escorts of Martin Schanche and John Welch and Andy Bentza’s Quattro?

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