JAN 29th 2016

Video: 'Full Throttle' – Sportscar Superstars Battle in Group 5 Monsters

Online motorsport junkies – and we’re all in that camp, aren’t we? – have never had it so good. The almost endless supply of retro racing and rallying, in full colour with original soundtrack, means we’re spoilt for choice. How anyone gets any work done is a mystery – unless, of course, part of your remit is to seek out the best clips and share them with like-minded souls. Which is where our ‘Full Throttle’ series comes in.

Full Throttle Monte Carlo

This week’s digital delight is a Gulf Oil film review of the 1970 International Championship of Makes – the World Sportscar Championship by any other name – as recalled by factory Porsche team JW Automotive boss John Wyer.

Wyer looks back on each race in the 10-round series that played out at Daytona, Sebring, Brands Hatch, Monza, Targa Florio, Spa, Nürburgring, Le Mans, Watkins Glen and Osterreichring, reflecting on the many highs (winning seven races with the blue-and-orange beasts and securing the title over rival Ferrari) and lows (losing at Sebring to the Scuderia and to a privateer Porsche team at Le Mans) from the season.

What adds to this unmissable 33 minutes is the vox pops from Gulf JWA Porsche stars of the day Jo Siffert and Pedro Rodriguez, whose lead role in each of the 917s (and 908/3s at the Targa) helped the team to those seven wins.

And don’t miss the one-off Can-Am race for the team at Watkins Glen, the day after the 1,000km event in July. Jo Siffert finishes second behind Denny Hulme’s fearsome McLaren M8D, despite having to refuel.

1970 Watkins Glen 6 Hours. Watkins Glen. USA. 11th July 1970. Jo Siffert/Brian Redman, Porsche 917K, 2nd position,battles with the Mario Andretti/Ignazio Giunti, Ferrari 512S Spyder, 3rd position, action. World Copyright: LAT Photographic

1970 International Championship of Makes – race winners

Daytona 24 Hours

Leo Kinnunen (FIN)/Brian Redman (GB)/Pedro Rodriguez (MEX) – JWA Porsche 917K

Sebring 12 Hours

Mario Andretti (USA)/Ignazio Giunti (I)/Nino Vaccarella (I) – Ferrari 512S

Brands Hatch 1000km

Leo Kinnunen (FIN)/Pedro Rodriguez (MEX) – JWA Porsche 917K

Monza 1000km

Leo Kinnunen (FIN)/Pedro Rodriguez (MEX) – JWA Porsche 917K

Targa Florio

Brian Redman (GB)/Jo Siffert (CH) – JWA Porsche 908/3

Spa-Francorchamps 1000km

Brian Redman (GB)/Jo Siffert (CH) – JWA Porsche 917K

Nürburgring 1000km

Kurt Ahrens (D)/Vic Elford (GB) – Porsche Salzburg Porsche 908/3

Le Mans 24 Hours

Richard Attwood (GB)/Hans Herrmann (D) – Porsche Salzburg Porsche 917K

Watkins Glen 1000km

Leo Kinnunen (FIN)/Pedro Rodriguez (MEX) – JWA Porsche 917K

Osterreichring 1000km

Brian Redman (GB)/Jo Siffert (CH) – JWA Porsche 917K

A year to remember – and a video to remember, too.

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