FEB 25th 2016

Video: Epic Burnouts At FoS – The Best Sounding Clip Ever?

Each of the incredible array of cars assembled to run up the hill at the world’s biggest motoring garden party, the Goodwood Festival of Speed, has first to head to the start line. This involves driving the wrong way down the hillclimb before reaching the gate to the Goodwood House drive and then the tricky matter of turning a racing car through 180 degress in a tight space.

Monza 1971 finish F1

Not every visitor to FoS makes their way down to the collecting area, but those who do are treated to an always jaw-dropping display of motoring power, as car after car executes a perfect powerslide to bring their mighty machines into line, before flooring it back toward the pack.

A few of those who do make their way down take a video camera with them, meaning that we can be treated to sights like this even months after the stands of FoS have been tidied away. We think it would be no exaggeration to ask whether today’s video, from all the way back in 2013, is the greatest sounding clip ever recorded. Why? Because what could be better than car after car performing perfect burnouts, pinging their epic engines off the rev-limiter just to show off for us?

Lola Aston Martin FoS

The screaming V12 Lola-Aston Martin LMP1 car starts us off, followed by a parade of mighty sportscars including everything from a Jaguar Group C beast to the Toyota TS030, straight from Le Mans. We recommend some headphones…

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