FEB 18th 2016

Video: The Three Most Exclusive Cars In The World – Vulcan v FXX K v P1 GTR

Ownership of a track-only hypercar brings membership of probably the most exclusive car club in the world. Added together just over 100 of these trio of astonishing machines exist – and there will only ever be that number produced.

 Fiat Isotta promo

At Goodwood we were lucky enough to have had all three gathered together at the same time for last year’s Festival of Speed, and when you have the three most exclusive cars in the world right in front of you it really would be remiss not to cut together some footage into a high-octane, high-speed video.

So here we present the Ferrari FXX K, McLaren P1 GTR and, making its world debut at FoS, Aston Martin’s Vulcan. You can’t buy any of these, and even if you could they wouldn’t let you take them home, but you can sit back and enjoy hearing them sing their way up our hill. And, before you ask no, they weren’t timed, but just imagine what this year’s Festival will bring…

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