FEB 24th 2016

Video: There's No Way You Can Miss Jay Kay's LaFerrari

‘960bhp available, I’m just trying to lay it down on this ribbon of tarmac that seems to get smaller and smaller as you go up the hill…’ It’s safe to say Jay Kay’s LaFerrari left him speechless when he picked it up, and immediately brought it to Goodwood.

Daytona 500 finish promo

The Jamiroquai frontman had only just picked up his new pride and joy (after shelling out over £1,000,000 for the privilege) when he arrived at the 2014 Festival of Speed, revealing for the first time its astonishing paintjob.

We’ve already met the LaFerrari, when Nick Mason brought his stunning blue example to Goodwood, but this is probably the most outlandish version of an already astonishing machine we’ve seen. What do you think?

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