Video: Mad Mike’s drift Huracan v. Dakar Kamaz Truck

05th July 2019
Laura Thomson

A lorry and a Lambo have a race. Like the tortoise and the hare, it should be a no brainer, right?

But when the lorry is a bonafide Dakar Challenger and the Lamborghini piloted by the reigning Formula Japan drift champion, the lines become a little blurred. All of a sudden, it’s no more Aesop’s Fable than an all-out battle to the Ball. 

At least that’s the story behind Red Bull’s 2019 Goodwood edit. Filmed ahead of the Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard, the short shows pro-drifter ‘Mad Mike’ Whiddett take to the wheel of his modified Lamborghini Huracan, aka Nimbul, in a mad dash to the Goodwood Ball.

The only problem? Kamaz Dakar truck pilot Eduard Nikolaev is also running late. And there’s only one parking spot left. Add in a dare involving an oversized bowtie and so ensues an epic race through the grounds of Goodwood, with the unlikely pair shattering the Sussex silence. At one point, the 10-tonne truck takes off, flying over the Lamborghini on a cross country route to the circuit.

The chaos continues in the car park, with the Nimbul drifting ahead of the Kamaz, desperate to bag the last spot. Despite the best efforts of the parking attendant, the unstoppable duo tear up the tarmac, leaving carnage in their wake. Who wins? Watch and see…

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