JUL 16th 2014

Intrepid peddlers prepare for Settrington Cup

Of all the wonderful races in store at this year’s Goodwood Revival, one stands out as being the most likely to produce a close finish, and that’s the Settrington Cup.

The race is for 4 – 10 year olds all driving similar Austin J40 pedal cars, and tends to see a gaggle of the miniature racers all approaching the finish line within inches of each other.

The cars themselves are all built at the Austin Junior Car Factory in Bargoed, South Wales, and come ready-to-race, although careful setting-up of the wheel bearings and tyres is advisable if you want your J40 to run as smooth as possible on the day!

The race is run from just after the chicane to the finish line, with a temporary chicane installed along the straight, and it always serves as a charming and popular way to break-up the noise and commotion of the regular racing programme.

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