JUL 25th 2014

Theo Fennell creates motor sport jewellery range

Acclaimed designer Theo Fennell has created a range of jewellery inspired by motor sport.

The piece above incorporates detailed enamel images of 1950’s race cars as seen from an 18ct Gold rear view mirror. A perfect example of the Theo Fennell aesthetic: beautiful craftsmanship with a witty and eccentric twist.

As well as the cufflinks, there is a particularly eye-catching Sterling Silver Dipstick.


Crafted by hand in Theo’s dedicated workshop, this magnificent Sterling Silver Dipstick immortalizes the legendary Italian racing driver Tazio Nuvolari. The dipstick is accompanied by a custom-made box depicting the Nurburgring racetrack where Nuvolari famously won the greatest victory of his career in 1935: the German Grand Prix.


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