AUG 13th 2014

Feeling Pretty Nostalgic, by Nicole Burnett from The Pretty Nostalgic Society

Nostalgia is described as a yearning for times gone by. The modern day lover of vintage is in essence a bit of a dreamer, and the more involved you become in the vintage world, no matter what sparked your initial interest, nostalgic ways can become very addictive.

If you start a journey though the tangled webs of decades, eventually you will reach real people. Reminiscences of your own life or childhood will come flooding back and you will delight in discovering more about those who lived with and originally owned the items you avidly hunt for in vintage fairs and car boot sales. I spent many years as a museum curator and have a total fascination and respect for our collective history, human beings are amazing creatures and sometimes I feel we don’t always appreciate how creative and ingenious we can be, but a little glimpse backwards can very quickly remind us.

Bringing People Together

And the past cannot help but rub off on all aspects of your life and it is a lovely place to take shelter; for here you can greet total strangers cheerfully and tip your hat to a lady without feeling like a stalker, you can make your own clothes, flaunt the brightest red lipstick and dress the way that makes you happy without being treated like a social outcast, and you can take a leisurely drive in a beautiful motor whilst being admired by other drivers rather than being tailgated for driving too slow.

The success of the Goodwood Revival and people’s eagerness to attend is proof that we are not ready to leave the forties, fifties or sixties completely behind. Of course the fashions of the time are lovely and everybody enjoys dressing up and there is no doubt that classic cars are more thrilling and elegant. But for those of us who have discovered the joys of vintage, an event like this allows us to celebrate and indulge in the very best aspects of the past, alongside people who feel the same way, it is like a coming together of clans, we meet, admire, share, and enjoy our vintage camaraderie before returning to the modern world again.

Many of us choose to keep the essence of vintage alive within us all year around, remembering what it really means to be human by rekindling our creativeness and delighting in how satisfying it can be to live in a more hands-on way. It is for these nostalgically minded souls, that I launched Pretty Nostalgic in 2012; initially as a bi-monthly magazine.

We encourage creative and sustainable living for the modern world inspired by the past and our motto is spend wisely, waste less, appreciate more, buy British and support local.

Pretty Nostalgic Society Launching at Revival 2014

Our readers have felt such a connection with each other and a shared love of all things British and vintage that we are now transforming into a membership Society and the Pretty Nostalgic Society will be launching officially at this year’s Goodwood Revival between the 12th and 14th September.

Our first publication will be a Goodwood Revival Special Edition, with the theme of BRITISH ENDEAVOUR; Inside you will find stories of great courage, fantastic feats, enterprising spirits, clever creativity and amazing British people from both the past and present as well as inspiring homes, tasty food, vintage fashion, beauty and classic cars.

We will be selling our Goodwood Revival edition at the event for £12 and we hope many Goodwood Revival fans will join us as Pretty Nostalgic Society members too.

Exclusive offer and prize draw

Pre-order a copy for just £10 with free postage and get it delivered to your door pre-event by following this link. All pre orders will be entered into a prize draw to win an annual membership of the Pretty Nostalgic Society for you or a Friend worth £40.

Membership includes 4 quarterly issues of The Pretty Nostalgic Compendium book, exclusive newsletter, member discounts and the chance to join one of our Pretty Nostalgic Membership Gatherings, which are forming all over the country as well as online.

You can find out more about The Pretty Nostalgic Society on our website

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