AUG 29th 2014

New Charlesworth Belstaff by Goodwood

If the Gordon jacket is the established signature item in the Belstaff by Goodwood range, then the Charlesworth is its new-for-2015 complement.

Using the same famous waxed-cotton material, imbued with the emblematic Gordon tartan so synonymous with Goodwood, the Charlesworth is essentially a shortened version of the Gordon, which lends it a unique and vital character.


Belstaff invented the waxed cotton jacket in 1924, providing an all-new practicality in outerwear that was enthusiastically seized upon by motorcyclists. Bikers were always the contemporary motorstyle-leaders, but with a crucial practical need as well. The Belstaff jacket became a must-have statement. Today, Belstaff remains wholly committed to combining great style with total usability, and the Charlesworth is a new-and-now interpretation of a great tradition.

Distinctively fitted, the short-cut Charlesworth has a two-way vertical zip-fastening with placket, balanced by two external storm-proof pockets with a third pocket inside. The classic Belstaff stand collar with its tab fastening has a complementary corduroy lining. A leather logo to the left sleeve and a lining-stitched Goodwood authentification patch completes the style.


The Charlesworth takes its name from one of England’s finest car and aircraft coachbuilding companies that thrived in ‘motor city’ Coventry during the 1930s. Contemporaneously, the 9th Duke of Richmond, or ‘Freddie’ to his friends, was a passionate and talented car stylist who designed several great looking sports cars in the 1930s and even aeroplanes after the War. In fact, there were a lot of similarities between Freddie’s designs and those of Charlesworth, although Charlesworth productionised the sporty dual-cowl look which boasted many ‘signature’ details. The Charlesworth jacket, like its longer-length Gordon partner, is conceived and made with the same distinctive precision and care.

When Goodwood and Belstaff joined together to produce a range of ultimate British practical-but-hip jackets, usability and durability were considered every bit as important as style. The Charlesworth jacket adds urban edge to a country style, and with it a new sense of purpose.

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