AUG 05th 2014

On track today: Mr Bean vs the BTCC?

I probably know Goodwood as a circuit better than anywhere else’ says regular Revival attendee Rowan Atkinson as he reflects on a positive test session in his immaculately-prepared Ford Falcon. ‘When I learned that I was going to do the Revival I thought it best to get some practice in, especially as this is a fresh engine as well’. With the race meeting just over 5 weeks away the esteemed actor and comedian seemed to be enjoying his track time ahead of the Shelby Cup which this year celebrates small-block V8-engined touring cars.

Someone whose day wasn’t quite going according to plan was Mike Jordan who was preparing the Austin A40 he and son Andrew Jordan, current British Touring Car Champion, are to campaign in this year’s St. Mary’s Trophy. ‘I’ve ended up with more questions than answers after today’ he reckons. ‘I thought that the axle we had in was too short, so we swapped it for one with a higher ratio which felt loads better, but turned out to be three-quarters of a second slower!’ The famous father-and-son combo’ will certainly need to get it right in time for the race itself, which will be bursting with BTCC and Le Mans talent.

Also out on track today was the colourful MG Magnette which will be driven at Revival by HRDC founder Julius Thurgood and former BTCC ace Paul O’Neill as well as a number of other competitors, mainly for the Shelby Cup and St Mary’s Trophy races.

As the Revival meeting draws ever-closer expect more reports as the testing days get more heavily populated. Watch this space!

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