AUG 08th 2014

Uli Weber and Lord March to sign copies of Revival book

Uli Weber is a world-famous photographer who has worked with movie stars, supermodels and other celebrated figures, but his attention was recently turned to the Goodwood Revival – and the result is a lavish new book.

Both Uli and Lord March will be signing copies of this book at the Revival, where Members can pick up a signed and numbered copy if they order soon.

uw_goodwood_revival_002_b_8bit_Font_FLTThe German photographer is widely acclaimed both for his fashion projects and for his portraits – Uli has worked on a wide range of high-profile magazines and was the subject of a succession of one-man exhibitions in recent years.

It was his portraiture that led him to meet Lord March – who was the subject of one of his portraits – and Uli was invited to the Revival in 2012. Uli said: “I came for a day and I was like wow! It is such a photogenic event and I ended up taking some pictures.”

From there, the photographer returned in 2013 to take the pictures that ended up becoming the book. He was fascinated by the theatricality of it all and how much effort everyone goes to in order to recreate the era. But it was also an interesting move for him creatively.


Uli remarked: “It actually took me back to my roots of when I first did it: it’s pure photography. As my career has grown I’ve done more portraits, fashion and commercial work, but this is all about just being in the right place at the right time and doing all you can to get the shot.”

The resulting book is a beautiful array of perfectly captured shots, with Uli aiming his viewfinder at the more celebrated parts of the occasion, such as the races and displays, as well as more intimate and subtle moments across the three-day event.

“I like cars, I’m not a petrolhead but I like cars, especially old ones. I can see the beauty of them: the shapes, the geometry, they are gorgeous things. I think even if people are not into cars, they tend to like old cars,” added Uli.

With photos like these, it’s not hard to love old cars – or indeed the people that drive those vehicles or support them in the stands.

If you want to order a copy and pick it up at Revival, then follow this link.

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