SEP 14th 2014

GRR chats to Revival regular Nick Mason

Almost 40 years after he bought it, Nick Mason raced his Jaguar D-type for the first time in the Goodwood Revival yesterday. Did he like it?

Nick Mason

‘Lovely, absolutely lovely,’ he told Goodwood Road & Racing when we caught up with the Pink Floyd drummer (new album next month!) in the paddock at Revival today.

‘The only thing is my daughter Holly is quicker than me, which is a bit humiliating.

‘The D-type – read more about it here – is the first series car I ever owned.’ So why hasn’t he raced it before now?

‘I just got into different racing cars. Once I got the Ferrari 250 GTO I started racing that, then I got the Maserati Birdcage and I put all my attention into that.’

It hasn’t been an entirely problem-free weekend for Nick and his company Ten Tenths. The Birdcage has had a problem with a fuel leak, and there was a hitch too for Marino Franchitti in the team’s Austin Westminster.

‘But Holly has just been out in the AC Ace and that went very well. And my wife is looking forward to going out in the Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica later today.’

And the new album? All done and dusted?

‘No, not quite. But it’s all looking like it’s going to happen on time.’

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