SEP 16th 2014

Revival 2014: Who won what?

Well, that’s the Revival meeting done with for another year, and for GRR it was over all too soon. The entire event was blessed with splendid weather throughout, and as usual racegoers and competitors travelled from all over the world to our little corner of West Sussex to be part of what we try to make the finest historic motor racing event in the world.

The 73rd Members’ Meeting will be along before we know it (21-22 March 2015), but before the 17th Goodwood Revival is consigned to the history books, let’s take a look back at some of the highlights and remind ourselves of who won what:


Sussex Trophy

3rd place – Andrew Smith and Alasdair McCaig, Lister-Chevrolet Knobbly

2nd place – Nick Leventis and Bobby Verdon-Roe, Ferrari 246S Dino

1st place – Phil Keen and Jon Minshaw, Lister-Jaguar Knobbly (below)

Revival winners Goodwood trophy race flag revival_14_jochenvancauwenberge_1245920140916


Goodwood Trophy

3rd place – Duncan Ricketts, ERA E-Type GP1

2nd place – Calum Lockie, Maserati 6CM

1st place – Mark Gillies, ERA R3A (below)

Revival winners Goodwood trophy race flag revival_14_drewgibson_212120140916


Chichester Cup

3rd place – John Milicevic, Cooper-Ford T59

2nd place – Sam Wilson, Lotus-Ford 20

1st place – David Methley, Brabham Ford BT6 (below)

Revival winners Goodwood trophy race flag revival_14_jochenvancauwenberge_13218 copy20140916


Shelby Cup 3

3rd place – Emanuele Pirro and Roger Wills, Mercury Comet Cyclone

2nd place – Mat Jackson and Henry Mann, Ford Mustang

1st place – Niki Faulkner and Mike Gardiner, Ford Falcon (below)

Revival winners Goodwood trophy race flag revival_14_jochenvancauwenberge_0243720140916


Lavant Cup

3rd place – Gregor Fisken, Jaguar D-Type

2nd place – Christian Glasel, Jaguar D-Type

1st place – Gary Pearson, Jaguar D-Type (below)

Revival_14_JochenVanCauwenberge_03027 Lavant Cup winner



Whitsun Trophy

3rd place – Jay Esterer, Chinook-Chevrolet Mk2

2nd place – David Hart, Lola-ChevroletT70 Spyder

1st place – Chris Goodwin, McLaren-Chevrolet M1B (below)

Revival winners Goodwood trophy race flag revival_14_drewgibson_353020140916


Fordwater Trophy

3rd place – Andrew Sm

ith, Porsche 901

2nd place – Lee Mumford, Ginetta G4

1st place  – Allan Ross-Jones, Triumph TR4 (below)

Revival winners Goodwood trophy race flag revival_14_drewgibson_376820140916


Richmond Trophy, presented by UBS

3rd place – Stuart Rolt, Ferguson-Climax Project 99

2nd place – Tony Wood, Tec-Mec-Maserati 250F

1st place – Roger Wills, Lotus-Climax 16 (below)

Revival winners Goodwood trophy race flag revival_14_jochenvancauwenberge_1210620140916


Barry Sheen Memorial Trophy, presented by Belstaff by Goodwood

3rd place – Glen Richards and Scott Smart, Manx Norton

2nd place – Steve Plater and Glen English, Manx Norton

1st place – Craig McMartin and Beau Beaton, Vincent Rapide (below)

*result decided on aggregate after two-part race  

Revival winners Goodwood trophy race flag revival_14_drewgibson_296920140916



St Mary’s Trophy, presented by Cazenove Capital Management

3rd place – Mark Blundell and Kerry Michael, Ford Zodiac

2nd place – Andrew and Mike Jordan, Austin A40

1st place – Anthony Reid and Justin Law, Jaguar Mk1 (below)

*result decided on aggregate after two-part race

Revival winners Goodwood trophy race flag revival_14_jochenvancauwenberge_0147020140916


Royal Automobile Club TT Celebration

3rd place – Matt Nicoll-Jones and Robin Liddell, Jaguar E-Type

2nd place –  Joe Colasacco and Derek Hill, Maserati Tipo 151

1st place – David Hart and Giedo Van Der Garde, AC Cobra (below)

Revival winners Goodwood trophy race flag revival_14_drewgibson_442720140916


Glover Trophy

3rd place – Andrew Beaumont, Lotus-Climax 24

2nd place- James King, Brabham Climax BT7

1st place – Andy Middlehurst, Lotus-Climax 25 (below)

Revival winners Goodwood trophy race flag revival_14_drewgibson_145220140916



Freddie March Memorial Trophy

3rd place – AdrianWilmott, Austin Healey 100S

2nd place – Sam Hancock, Cunningham C4R

1st place – Darren McWhirter, Lagonda V12 Le Mans (below)

Revival winners Goodwood trophy race flag revival_14_drewgibson_489920140916


Freddie March Spirit of Aviation, presented by Midair

3rd place – De Havilland DH89A Rapide, David Findon

2nd place – Gloster Gladiator

1st place – Cessna 195 Businessliner, Disk Sadlowski


Fastest Lap by a Lady Driver

Caroline Abbou Rossi di Montelera, Brabham-Ford BT6 (1:36.665)


Fastest Lap of the Meeting

Jay Esterer, Chinook-Chevrolet Mk2 (1:19.369)


Will Hoy Memorial Trophy

(Awarded for the greatest drive in a closed-cockpit car.)

Mike Jordan, Austin A40


Best Presented team, presented by UBS

Don Orosco, Scarab-Offenhauser


Spirit of Goodwood Award, presented by the Goodwood Supporters’ Association

The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and Canadian Heritage Warplane Museum


Rolex Driver of the Meeting, presented by Rolex

Giedo Van Der Garde






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