SEP 19th 2014

Revival Gallery: Power by Ford

As far as contributions to motor racing go, Ford has been as dedicated and consistent as any other manufacturer over the years. In fact there isn’t one area of racing where Ford hasn’t either excelled at or at the very least been competitive in, one way or another. Formula One, touring cars, rallying, junior formula, endurance racing, sports cars, NASCAR, V8 Supercars… even monster trucks are all areas where the famous blue oval has either made its own cars and won or at the very least supplied engines which have enabled others to win.

The Revival was no exception, with Ford cars and engines featuring in almost every class and winning the RAC TT Celebration race with one if its small block V8s thumping away in an AC Cobra. So as a celebration of Ford’s contribution to the many Goodwood Revivals we’ve put together this mega-gallery of Fords and Ford-engined cars from this year’s event. Whether your thing is Mustangs, Cobras, Anglias, or Ford-engined Grand Prix cars we have you covered. But, can you name them all?

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