SEP 12th 2014

Revival Geek: Instrumentation

When Revival provides the chance to get so close to the cars, you need to take a good look. On our last trip around the paddock, we were right into instrumentation. Many of the cars in the paddock are fitted with the usual Smiths or Stewart Warner dials, but look around and there are some real gems.

In many cases, over-size rev-counters dominate dashboards. Often fitted at angles which put the redline in direct sight of the driver, it shows the racer’s priority when it comes to knowing what’s going on. The red lines vary from factory-finish to retro-fitted paint and tape. Look for the Jaeger ones that run anti-clockwise, too.

Things get particularly interesting in the paddock for 1930s Grand Prix cars, which is where things become really varied. Some lovely patina makes the older dials look their age, while terms like ‘olio’ and ‘benzina’ add an exotic twist. Our favourite? We really like the light blue Veglia dials in one or two Maserati 250Fs.

The gallery above contains that, and some of our other favourites.

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