SEP 12th 2014

Sussex or Salisbury? Stonehenge comes to Revival


Sussex or Salisbury Plain? When the sun rose this morning you could be forgiven for wondering as the first rays of a beautiful September morning illuminated the famous stones of Stonehenge. 


Well it was at least a very fair representation of the world famous monument. Complete with a host of white-robed Druids. And one cardboard cutout of Barack Obama…

The Stonehenge set has given the Drivers’ Club this year an unmistakable air of calm and spirituality.

‘A safe and peaceful journey – that’s our message for the drivers,’ said Richard Greenhorn as Friday practice got underway ahead of a weekend of motor racing action.

Richard is one of 19 Druids, in reality all members of the Goodwood Actors’ Guild, who will be communing with the stones, celebrating the equinox and generally calming everyone down throughout the weekend.

‘I’ve been a Rolls-Royce designer and a spiv before at Revival but this is the first time I’ve been a Druid,’ Richard told Goodwood Road & Racing.

How much of a challenge is the new role? ‘We are here in the spirit of worship – the challenge for us is to keep ourselves in that zone.’

The Goodwood Actors’ Guild, which has several hundred members aged from eight to 80, has been an integral part of Revival for many years. Other members this year are playing the char ladies, butlers and road works crew.

And that cutout of the US president? That was apparently Lord March’s idea, following Obama’s visit to Salisbury Plain last week.


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