SEP 12th 2014

Two Lancasters reunited in Goodwood skies for the first time since 1964


The world’s two remaining airworthy Lancasters were reunited today – for the first time since 1964. The skies over Goodwood came alive to the remarkable sight, the two Lancasters being accompanied by Spitfires and a Hurricane.

The Lancasters are part of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight display. Both were built in 1945, after the war in Europe had ended and not long before the conflict in the Far East came to an end. PA474 was, therefore, used for reconnaissance. The other is known as the Mynarski Memorial Lancaster, in memory of pilot Andrew Mynarski who was awarded the Victoria Cross after he helped release his rear gunner – who survived – before the plane crashed to the ground.

The sight and sound of two Lancasters is something Revival visitors won’t forget…

Goodwood Revival 2014

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