SEP 18th 2014

Video: The wonderful BRM V16 needs your help

Is the measure of a racing car its competition success? At the very nub of the matter, yes. But character, pioneering spirit and eccentricity all count for a lot when it comes to winning affection. The big-hearted BRM V16 may not have been the most successful grand prix car, but thanks to its characterful – and noisy – supercharged 1.5-litre V16 it’s one of the greatest spectacles on the historic motorsport scene.

The BRM Conservation Appeal is currently looking to raise £50,000 to carry out an urgent engine rebuild, and work on the brakes and suspension. Surely this video of its demonstration laps during Revival is enough to get enthusiasts digging deep to ensure the car stays in action…

You can also find more details about the project at the National Motor Museum Trust’s website.

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