OCT 23rd 2015

Revival Snapper's Selection ‑ Drew Gibson

Drew Gibson is a professional Motorsport and Automotive photographer best known for his work in endurance racing. Drew also shoots Automotive photography for major manufacturers and publications as well as many forms of motorsport, from F1 to Goodwood.

Mini Alfa Nick Swift Revival St Mary's Promo

‘2014 was the first year I had shot the Revival, and I loved it, so when the early weather predictions were for rain this year (as opposed to the glorious three days we enjoyed in ’14) and with the novelty of that first event perhaps wearing off, I was a little apprehensive I wouldn’t enjoy shooting as much as my first “step back in time”. I need not have worried.

‘After donning my flat cap and waistcoat and heading out into the paddock for the first time on Friday morning, the feeling of childish excitement at being part of such an amazing event soon returned. Everywhere one looks at Goodwood there is a potential picture, I don’t think there is another event that offers so many photographic opportunities.

‘Most days I ended up shooting late into the evening – unable to walk away from so many unique sights and sounds. Add to this the fact that I get to work with a pretty special bunch of photographers, and I’ll be sure to be back at the Revival in 2016.’

Photography by Drew Gibson.

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