OCT 01st 2015

Videos: The Revival hand signals you won't find in the Highway Code

The star of Goodwood Revival hand signals is probably Nick Swift, who seems to spend at least as much time gesturing to his rivals as he does steering his Mini (usually sideways) around the circuit – as you can see in this on-board video. But the drivers we’ve featured here went slightly further in making sure their hand signals were clearly visible to those outside of their respective cars. Neither salute is listed in the Highway Code.

Hairy Canary Revival promo

The above video shows Michael Gans giving a gesture of exasperation to Barrie ‘Whizzo’ Williams, who responds with a rather more succinct two fingers. Meanwhile, in the video below find Michael Squire giving a polite wave of thanks to David Hart as he squeezes his Cobra past that of his rival. At least everyone knew where they stood…

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