JUL 27th 2015

On Track Today ‑ Revival testing in Shelby Cobra and Daytona

The Festival of Speed is behind us, as is the Silverstone Classic. So it must be nearly time for the Goodwood Revival to fire up. In fact it is so close (barely over six weeks, ed) that some clued up competitors have already begun a little canny testing ready for race day.

Silverstone Classic Promo Shelby

Today was the turn of French Goodwood regular Ludovic Caron and his collection of machinery, featuring the familiar face of our very own GRRC house captain Anthony Reid.

As usual when there’s exciting stuff out on the track, we at GRR descended into excited little schoolchildren and immediately rushed away from the office to take some pictures. What we found were two awesome examples of the cars produced by one Carroll Shelby – a Shelby American team Cobra no less, which will race at Revival and the beautiful Shelby Daytona (a car which will be celebrated at Goodwood in September).

It’s not often that a Jaguar E-Type and Porsche 911 are upstaged when on track, but all eyes were on the eight cylinder cars as Mr Reid set about improving the Cobra’s set up ahead of the Revival meeting. 

Not only did we collate the gallery you can see above this post, but we did manage to get a camera on the Cobra as it was hustled around our track by the former BTCC star, a video of which is coming very soon.

Photography by Ben Miles

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