JUL 31st 2015

Video: Flat‑Out and Fearless ‑ D‑Type and Ferrari Dino at full chat

As our Flat-Out and Fearless videos go, this is a bit of a long one. The race action starts at 6:45 and lasts until 29:20, but it’s well worth the investment of your time to watch. Shot at the 2002 Revival meeting it shows Win Percy and Tony Dron locked in ferocious combat at the sharp end of the field. Video recording technology may have advanced somewhat since then, but the quality of racing at the Revival (just six weeks to go – ed) remains the same as it is in this momentous duel.

Win Percy D-Type Revival McRae 6R4 promo

What really spices things up here is that the two key protagonists are both hugely experienced pilots in significantly different machinery. Touring car legend Percy is in Nigel Webb’s iconic D-Type Jaguar, while next to him on the grid is celebrated racer and journalist Tony Dron in a Ferrari Dino 246S. Although the Jaguar outpointed the Ferrari by over 1000cc, the pretty Italian wasn’t that actually that far down on power and carried slightly less weight.

We also have the benefit of commentary by Mr Percy, whose flamboyant style at the helm of the D-Type is breathtaking. From the start the pair rocket off down the road and embark on a personal 14 lap joust full of sliding, opposite lock and wailing six cylinder motors. For the first part of the race the camera focuses on the Jaguar, with Dron nowhere after the start, but then it becomes apparent that the Ferrari is keeping very close company indeed. Percy explains as he approaches the start that he expects to have a tad more power, but that the condition of his tyres will become a factor as the race wears on. As such he needs to get a move on to keep the red challenger out of reach.

Win percy revival d-type Jaguar XKSS promo

Will he manage to keep the Jag’s tyres healthy? Will the Ferrari have enough snort to get past? We’d advise that you reward yourself with an extra-long tea break to find out. This is historic motorsport at its very finest.

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